When you thought it couldn't get any better......

Perfect gift for the honeymooners.  Package... $78

For those that put the "K" in Kanoodled...you... $122

Funny Bridal Shower Gifts | Unique and Affordable

Intimate, sexy, unique gifts for friends and lovers - with a Mission!

Sex is a beautiful experience when done with someone you love. Kanoodled will Revolutionize sex and bring back the love, romance and intimacy when it comes to LOVEmaking. Kanoodled product line opens up the doors to the possibility where sex becomes a conversation and no longer just a "dirty conversation". Kanoodled brings laughter and love to your sexual relationship.



The funniest, and most practical, bridal shower gift I received was the Honeymoon Gift Set from Kanoodled!  We love it!! 

— Lulu B.