When you thought it couldn't get any better......

Perfect gift for the honeymooners.  Package... $48

For those that put the "K" in Kanoodled...you... $122

Funny Bridal Shower Gifts | Unique and Affordable

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Welcome to Kanoodled.com, where we know that the most intimate and loving moments in our lives often occur not before or during, but after sex. It is then that a couple can bask together in the glow of passion spent, and discover the truer, longer-burning intimacy that awaits them beyond the fervor of lovemaking. At Kanoodled.com, you will discover wonderful, playful after-sex products and gifts that invite you and your partner to journey together from the hot fire of passion to the warm, embracing glow of true, long-lasting intimacy.


 Bought the Coochie Cleaner n Wiener Wash at the womens expo in phoenix for a bridal shower and it was a HUGE HIT. Thanks so much.



— Cynthia B.