The world is rife with products promising to enhance sexuality, to increase allure or attractiveness, to help “seal the deal,” so to speak, or to arouse and make the act of lovemaking more exciting or satisfying. As everyone knows, sex sells, and that industry collectively generates billions of dollars a year.  But from spicy outfits to erotic bedroom toys, these products all share a common theme: they are targeted at that period of time leading up to sex, or during the act itself. But what about after lovemaking, when the passion is spent and the moment has passed? What about that moment when lovers find themselves lying together in sweaty sheets, with tangled hair, smeared makeup, and a strong desire to brush their teeth? At that point—and we’ve all been there—they are faced with certain messy realities, and a potentially awkward moment as they attempt to deal with those realities while keeping the fantasy alive. Frankly, it can be a real buzz-kill. Even our language fails us here: we talk often of foreplay, but what about after-play?

Kanoodled was originated in Sonoma, California. The Founder, Catherine Sanson, is a Registered Nurse and healthy lifestyle guru who understands the importance of cleansing those most intimate areas of the body using gentle cleansers.  "The most important areas of the body that we need to focus most on while showering are those "private areas" the vaginal, anal and penial areas, but many products on the market are too harsh, irritating and drying to these delicate areas of the body. Kanoodled products uses a proprietary combination of ingredients such as Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Organic Jojoba, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Seed Extracts, Keratin Amino acids, Extracts of Lavender, Rose, Vanilla and Peppermint that gently cleanses, hydrates,cools and helps heal those most sensitive parts of the body. It's very important to be cleansing these areas before and after intercourse as it will not only help prevent yeast infections from occuring but also make it more enjoyable to both partners. Let's bring back the LOVE in lovemaking."

The Kanoodled line includes gentle body washes, such as Coochie Cleaner and Wiener Wash —custom made for Kanoodled—with the perfect Ph balance for sensitive areas. There is a body spray called Follow Your Bliss Mist that offers a minty cooling agent, tote bags, and more. The newest addition is Catherine's book, "The ABC's of Living a Healthy Life From Day One". Her years of experience in Wellness, Fitness and Medicine illuminated the formula to developing a dynamically healthy lifestyle; The N.O.W.E.S. System (pronounced Nows) which will help the reader to achieve better health.

Kanoodled.com is the perfect place to shop for bridal-shower gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, gifts between lovers or between girlfriends, even inappropriate office gifts. It's also gentle to use after a Bikini Lazer hair removal! Kanoodled is committed to bringing love, laughter and quality healthy products to the world.