Coochie Cleaner


Love your coochie!  Kanoodled’s gently soothing cleanser is ph-balanced for the genitalia, and will leave you smelling sweet and feeling refreshed and invigorated! It nourishes the whole body. 

Price: $20.00


 Bought the Panky Hanky's in Dana Point, CA for Valentine's Day! Can't wait to use it tonight. Love that you can just pop it in the microwave for a warm body wipe. Thanks so much.

— Kristen C

From the blog

March, 15 2015

Temperatures are rising outside but you don't have to. Cool down with Kanoodled's Follow Your Bliss Body Mist and wipe off your sweat with the Premoistened 100% cotton Panky Hanky's. It's great to put them in the refrigerator to have a cold,...