Gifts for Her

At Kanoodled we have a great selection of gifts that are perfect for that special woman in your life. Here you will find great wedding gifts, bachelorette party gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and Valentine’s Day gifts. Romantic, erotic, or playful—naughty or nice—at Kanoodled you can choose from a wide array of special items for the bedroom all designed lovingly with her in mind. From soft, aromatic fragrances to gentle soaps and soothing balms, with Kanoodled, you’re sure to please her again and again.

Put all the Kanoodled products in one bag and you're out the door.  Include a card and you're... more »
It's the shower-on-the-go! Turn a wet-sticky into a warm-fuzzy with The Panky Hanky.  Reusable... more »
 Sometimes we just need to catch our breath, take things down a notch and be in the moment.... more »
Kanoodled’s Coochie Cleaner is ph-balanced for a woman's body and will leave her feeling refreshed... more »
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