Gifts for Couples

At Kanoodled, we know that making love is all about sharing—sharing intimacy, sharing laughter, and sharing moments that become special, unforgettable memories. Explore our Gifts for Couples to find playful, intimate items that can be enjoyed together over and over again. Specially designed to be enjoyed by both you and your partner, these intimacy-enhancing products were all forged in love and tested by lovers.

This book will empower and educate the reader to take the needed action in achieving better health... more »
Put all the Kanoodled products in one bag and you're out the door.  Include a card and you're... more »
It's the shower-on-the-go! Turn a wet-sticky into a warm-fuzzy with The Panky Hanky.  Reusable... more »
 A perfect gift for a couple of wild, hot monkeys!  Whether kanoodling or kanoodled, a... more »
 Sometimes we just need to catch our breath, take things down a notch and be in the moment.... more »
Wash up boys! Wiener Wash is an invigorating and nourishing wash for your body! It's ph balanced... more »
Kanoodled’s Coochie Cleaner is ph-balanced for a woman's body and will leave her feeling refreshed... more »
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