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Meet Our CEO

Catherine Sanson

Her journey of learning


Catherine Sanson has extensive knowledge is health, wellness, and beauty.  She has been a Registered Nurse since 2002 and worked in emergency room, psychiatry, home health, corporate flu clinics, and in 2006 specialized in advanced cosmetic dermal injections and aesthetics procedures.  Today she is a Master Injector and knows how to contour and balance the face to be aesthetically more pleasing yet keeping things natural and uniquely the individuals. 

Catherine is also a certified Personal Trainer since 2008 and certified in Nutrition for sports, Exercise and Weight Management, and certified in massage therapy so when it comes to health, wellness and beauty she knows it as a national bodybuilder and figure competitor and Pageantry delegate she knows beauty and aesthetic proportions. 

Catherine combines both worlds as a personal trainer and registered nurse to give her clients an overall mind, body, and soul experience.  People that usually meet Catherine for the first time usually leave feeling inspired, looking, and feeling better about themselves. 

Catherine believes in being “healthy” all year long- It’s a lifestyle that one must choose in order to continue to look and feel good not only for today but by  “treating your body well” today, you’re building the foundations of having a healthy and fit body later on in life.  As one enters each decade of life, there are a few adjustments that one should do not only in the foods you eat, and the activities you do but also the products you choose to consume and use on the face and body also needs to be considered.  As we age, our metabolism slows, hormones decline, skin becomes wrinkled, sags, dry and rough but although all this is a normal process of aging, factors such as pollution, gravitational pull, pesticides and toxins in our processed foods, can also degenerate our cells causing us to age faster.  However, Catherine believes what’s happening on the inside will eventually show on the outside so it is so important to consider what you are consuming and what you are not consuming that can help combat the aging process.  Choosing the right foods, products that contain natural, high antioxidants and phytonutrients, increasing hydration orally, and even considering using IV drips infused with concentrations of vitamin C and the master antioxidant- Glutathione can all do wonders for the body.  As well as utilizing lasers, radio-frequency, dermal fillers, and neurotoxins to help cell turnover and skin rejuvenation.  Catherine will consult with you about what you can do to improve your health, wellbeing, enhance your face and body through non-invasive body treatments.

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